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Communicate without limits

Work from the office, home or wherever life takes you.

univoice are business telephone system experts specialising in hosted VOIP services

Don't just talk, Communicate

Regardless of your size, enjoy affordable mission critical enterprise communications made easy with a univoice business telephone system

Unify your Communications

Stand out from the crowd with limitless enterprise functionality across any device or location with a univoice telephone system, for voice, video, chat, email, group calendars and much more.

Boost Productivity

Simplify your communication processes and boost productivity by empowering your staff to do more with less, with a univoice hosted telephone system.

Save Money

No serious business can afford to ignore the latest technologies in communication. Revolutionise your business with an affordable univoice hosted telephone system, you won't be disappointed.

Life without compromises

Let univoice unify your business communications so you never miss that important call or those special moments in life.

How we can help you today?

We understand that every business is different.
We also know that in many ways every business is exactly the same.
Most businesses think of communications as Mission Critical.

Here are just some of the features of our business telephone systems:
Release yourself from your desktop work anywhere from any device!

Telephone Systems

  • Unlimited scalability of telephone System and Users
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Future proofed feature and application development
  • Adds, moves & changes delivered remotely
  • Web based user/admin management tools
  • No future replacement PBX, no installation, no retraining costs
  • Lower deployment & management costs
  • Free Inter-site Calls
  • Disaster Recovery built in

Essential Functionality

  • Message Waiting Indication (MWI) Gives users a visual indicator on their handset when a message is waiting, this only works for users if user Voicemail is enabled. Group Voicemail will be delivered to groups of users as required by email as .wav file.
  • Outgoing Call Blocking Users or Groups of users can have specific outbound destinations blocked as required.
  • Remote Access to Call Forwarding Via user Toolbar if required
  • Selective Call Acceptance As required
  • Selective Call Rejection As required
  • Simultaneous Ring As required, never miss a call.
  • Speed Dialing 8 single digit and 99 double digit speed dials available
  • Three-Way Calling As required with piggy backing to enable larger conference calls
  • Directed Call Pickup Pick up the next call in your group
  • Anonymous Call Rejection As required
  • Automatic Callback (AC) As required
  • Automatic Recall (AR) As required
  • Busy Call Forwarding As required
  • Call Hold As required
  • Call Transfer As required
  • Call Waiting With Caller ID
  • Calling Number Delivery As required
  • Do Not Disturb Busy out your line as required
  • Intercom
  • Last Caller ID Erasure
  • Line Identification
  • Mandatory Account Codes

Advanced Functionality

  • Priority Call (Distinctive Ringing) Up to 4 distinctive ring tones can be used for groups of callers, for example, Outside Calls can be long rings and Internal call can be short double rings,
  • Remote Call Forwarding Group or User level RCF.
  • Advanced Voicemail Delivered via the handset, remote portal or email.
  • Line Hunting Group Hunting for inbound numbers with the Huntgroup Destination displayed on the phone screen. i.e. "Call for London" or "Call for Sales"
  • Busy Lamp Fields See when other users are busy or available
  • Outlook Integration Click-to-dial and pop-up features built into Outlook, Internet Explorer and Firefox
  • Fax 2 Email Integration
  • CRM Integration Works with many popular CRM systems for Customer Pop-ups and Click-to-dial features.
  • Reception Console
  • Shared Call Appearances Have multiple handsets with the same user details, for example: One at Home, One at Work, Software client on your smartphone etc
  • Call Recording PCI Compliant Call Recording
  • Unified Communications Add Chat & Video calling as part of your communications suite of tools

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